CatWoman #57

6. Catwoman #57
I really was very turned off by the cover, even though I know its a spoof. I wasn't really keen on the events of the past issue. But, this issue carried itself well and resolved the issue, but damn, this event from the last issue better not be a damn repeat storyline. If so, just move in with Bruce. Please. The fight was grand however. The end was fantastic.
Rating: 3/5


Catwoman # 57 - Another great issue from a creative team who deserve more recognition. The frankly fabulous Film Freak gets his comeuppance and for once the prospect of yet another botched mind-wipe sounds intriguing. Plus, Holly learns it’s a bad idea to pick up groceries in costume.


Catwoman 57
Not even counting Adam Hughes's wonderful cover (I don't read Lone Wolf and Cub, but there was no missing this take-off of it), this was a great issue. The cover was just the icing that holds it all together. Selina is one fierce momma, showing she's perfectly capable of taking care of her baby while beating on the bad guys. The police quest for Black Mask's killer, Catwoman, moves into the spotlight, with Holly getting nabbed while in her Catwoman costume. Pfeifer takes what could have been simply a predictable plot turn and makes it exciting. This is one comic that for me makes a month seem like a long time.


Catwoman #57
Posted by Rae_rae on 07/22 at 10:09 AM
Chicks in leather always rule.
So where were we last month? Ah yes. Selina has a baby, both Selina and Holly are being Catwoman, and Angle Man and Film Freak are holding Selina’s baby Helena hostage. They lure her into Helena’s room, the only room without anything that can be used as a weapon. Maybe it’s just me but I really enjoyed seeing Selina head butt and clock the goth kid Film Freak while rescuing baby Helena.
Meanwhile, back at the police station, officer Lenahan (who has developed an unhealthy obsession with Catwoman) discovers that there are two women wearing the Catwoman persona. Holly, being young and new to the superhero gig is a tad careless and the next thing she knows she’s cornered by Lenahan and his backup. She’s being arrested for the murder of Black Mask. Personally I would have given her a medal, but I do not think this guy’s running on a full tank of gas.
This story had the potential to become dark. The bad guys could have killed the baby. Selina could have killed Angle Man and Film Freak. Neither happened. Selina got Helena back and has called in Zatanna to work some magic on the two jerks so she won’t have to kill them. Pfeifer may not be ready to have Catwoman go the Wonder Woman route and snap a guy’s neck, but it has been set up that she could go that path if she has to. I really hope later in the seris she has to.
Writer: Will Pfeifer
Penciller: David Lopez
Inker: Alvaro Lopez


Written by Will Pfeifer
Art by David Lopez & Alvaro Lopez
Cover by Adam Hughes
Don't miss the frightful conclusion to "The Replacements!" Catwoman battles for the lives of Selina and baby Helena, Angle Man has murder on his mind, and Detective Lenahan finds the proof he needs to bring Catwoman down once and for all!
Okay, who had 4 in the “issues until baby is placed in mortal jeopardy” pool?


Catwoman #57 - DC
Poor Selena, or should I say Irene, can't catch a break. First the "Film Freak", I think that's his name, and Angleman, break into her apartment to steal baby Helena, but then "Film Freak" decides he's going to film the whole thing. So she has to save her baby, figure out what she's going to do about the knowledge and film these 2 are gathering, and what to do about these 2. Well being the industrious type, she gets Helena, take down the 2 clowns, but not without getting beat up on a little herself, but then has to figure out what to do about her "secret" identity. So she calls on Zatanna. Now while all of this is going on, Holly, the other Catwoman is out getting some crime fighting tips from Wildcat. But the real story is the police detective that is following her because he wants to arrest her for the murder of Black Mask. Which is where her story ends, being surrounded by police. Will Pfeifer and David Lopez are doing a fantastic job with this series. Good character developement. Good action sequences with a touch of human interest. And good flow to the stories. I didn't think we'd ever get to the point that I thought this book was as good as the Jim Balent run, but I think we're getting very close.
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Catwoman #57 by Will Pfeifer ,David López , and Alvaro Lopez. $2.99, DC .
The biggest problem I have with this issue is also why it’s a good issue. Ah ha - you don’t think I can explain that, do you? Well, Selina beats up Angle Man and the Film Freak and saves her baby, as we knew she would. Holly is arrested for the murder of Black Mask, even though she didn’t do it!!!!! I don’t mind that the Film Freak is beaten in such an idiotic and “James Bond villain not killing Bond when he has the chance” way, because it fits in with his character - of course he’d want to get one more classy shot - he’s the Film Freak, for crying out loud! But then we get to the end. What can Selina do? Bend and Edison know who she is, and they will come after her again. Oh dear. She calls Zatanna and tells her it’s mind-wiping time!
This is my big problem with the issue. Now that Meltzer has opened that can of worms, it appears that there is no bigger can to put them in. So therefore Selina calling Zatanna makes sense, especially because, as she puts it, Zatanna owes her one. I absolutely hate this plot contrivance, and wish that Wanda Maximoff would utter some magic words and we could go back to pre- Identity Crisis days, when we didn’t think about what happened when super-villains switched bodies with the Justice League. DC has reset their universe dozens of times in 20 years - what’s one more time? However, the reason I like this issue is because Pfeifer is willing to deal with the 800-pound elephant in the room, and from what I read about upcoming issues, this is going to be something that Selina has to deal with. So although I loathe the idea of Zatanna mind-wiping everyone in sight, at least Pfeifer is trying to work it into a story and (I hope) deal with the consequences. We’ll see how he deals with them, because that’s the key. Batman dealt with it by creating killer spy robots. Yeah, that wasn’t such a great idea, Bruce. I doubt if Selina will deal with it the same way.
So it’s an interesting ending to the story, because we get two plots for the future - Selina and her identity, and Holly and her arrest. Lots of possibilities there.


Catwoman #57 : And speaking of Shogun Assassin , this month's incredibly awesome Adam Hughes cover is the Lone Wolf and Cub homage that I've been wanting since I saw the solicitation for it. Seriously, the last thing the Internet needs is someone talking about how good Adam Hughes is, but man: That guy can do a cover like nobody's business. Inside, Will Pfeifer and David Lopez continue to bring us a solid, consistent book that I find myself enjoying more and more with each issue. The Film Freak's worked out great so far, with Pfeifer pulling off some great bits of characterization in this issue--because really, when The Angle Man tells you to stop being so hung up on your gimmick, it might be time to take a good hard look in the mirror.



El Blog del cumpleaños del Ratón (David Güell)


Como decía el otro día... perder el tiempo.


Pues eso, tiempo libre...

Más motos...

Otra preciosidad que vi en la calle, porque no me vuelvo loco, que si no, íbais a flipar con las burras que hay en este pueblo...

Todo el mundo, a hacer Zidanne!

Para cosas serias nunca hay tiempo, pero para bobadas... lo que da de sí la internet...



CatWoman #56

Catwoman #56 by Will Pfeifer ,David López , and Alvaro Lopez. $2.99, DC.

Pfeifer continues to piss me off with Catwoman . If I had to name my top ten favorite books, it would not be on it. I often forget that it even exists. It has not catipulted Pfeifer to my list of best writers in comics. And yet I keep buying it. Why? you ask innocently. Well, that’s a good question.

Simply put, Pfeifer is telling a good story. Each month, when Catwoman hits the stands, I read it and appreciate the craft that goes into it. That’s not to say it’s brilliant comic bookery, because it’s not. Catwoman will not change your life, or make you stop and think, or alter your religious beliefs or sexual orientation. It is, however, entertaining. It’s almost pure entertainment, and that is what I want, first and foremost, from my comics. The other stuff is just gravy. If you’re not entertaining me, I don’t really give a rat’s ass what your position on the Buddha is. Or why you think the Poles got screwed by the Great Powers in the late 18th century. Or why we should all be watching Deadwood (and you should, you know - what’s wrong with you people?). It’s just sheer entertainment. Yahoo!

Take, for instance, this issue (and why not, since it just came out). The Film Freak continues to be one of the most interesting villains in a long time, as he watches the footage of the two Catwomans, casually poisons the guy who brought him the footage, and then watches the footage of him casually poisoning the guy who brought him the footage. He’s evil, but entertaining (note the water brand that Edison was drinking when he was poisoned - “Rebecca,” which in this story has to be a shout-out to the classic Hitchcock movie with Joan Fontaine and Laurence Olivier - also a good novel, by the way). And when Selina and Holly travel by cab, the driver is unimpressed, accepting their explanation that they were at a costume party and even remarking that they look nothing like the real Catwoman. Selina’s right - Gothamites are used to this kind of thing, so they think nothing of it. There’s a weird scene with Slam Bradley that I’m sure isn’t what it seems - he says hello to his son (who does call him “Dad”) but we never see Sam’s face, so what’s that all about? And the Film Freak and Angle Man discover Selina’s identity and grab her baby, leading to the cliffhanger of this issue, as Selina confronts them. Although I like how the Film Freak found out where Selina was - she was using the name Irena Dubrovna, who was a character in Cat People - I question why Selina would use an alias that exists in the first place. It’s certainly clever, but couldn’t she just make up a name? Seems like a lot less trouble. And despite my grumpiness when kids and pets are threatened in entertainment - no way little baby Helena gets hurt - I don’t mind here, because Pfeifer isn’t really implying that the kid will get hurt. It’s obviously just a set-up for the Film Freak to get some good footage. So I don’t mind.

See what I mean? Entertaining. Lots of stuff happens (even some stuff I didn’t mention), there’s a bunch of action, there’s some nice character development, and Pfeifer is still managing to keep a lot of balls in the air. Ever since he arrived on this title I’ve been warming up to it a little more each issue. This is the first time I can confidently say that I will buy the next issue. It’s an intriguing story.

Oh, but “nonexistent” is spelled wrong. What’s up with that?


7. Catwoman #56
Just not enough happening. Wildcat making constant appearances is nice, but kinda getting old. The midnite film guy is kinda freaky, and I like him. A lot. Tell me that the ending of this wasn't done waaaaay too soon. I just hope that Will does not keep using this plotline, as its going to get old real damn fast. I do like how it was drawn though. Seemed kinda old school.
Rating : 2/5


Catwoman #56, $2.99 . Written by Will Pfeifer, Art by David Lopez and Alvaro Lopez. Pfiefer is taking this slow, and it is driving some readers a little bonkers. To tell the truth, as good as the title has been, he has been taking things a little slower than he probably should. He does deserve some benefit of the doubt - he is clearly laying down several plots that get a little thicker month after month. It is like he is starting from scratch once again, and though it isn't good in the short term for a serial book, in the long term we are sure to be in store for some great months in the near future. 32 Pages.


Catwoman #56 : It's not like anybody actually needs me to say this, but the Adam Hughes covers for Catwoman have been awesome lately. I've been really looking forward to the Lone Wolf and Cub homage next month, but this week's issue has is one of my favorite covers in recent memory. It's great, and once you get to the inside, that's not half bad either. I've been consistently surprised at how much I'm enjoying Will Pfeifer's stories--not that I ever hated him or anything--and he seems like he's having a lot of fun with characters, especially when it comes to Film Freak. And although it's not much of a challenge when you're up against Paul Gulacy's occasionally horrid art, David Lopez's pencils are by far the best the book has had since they abandoned the Darwyn Cooke/Cameron Stewart style that launched the series. It's consistent, highly enjoyable, and-- dare I say it?! --even better than Firestorm !


CATWOMAN #56. Written by Will Pfeifer; Art by David Lopez & Alvaro Lopez. "The Replacements, Part Four". Two Catwomans (Catwomen?) for the price of one! Both Holly and Selina are in costume, and the Film Freak has them both on tape. He also manages to pierce Selina's new i.d., which puts her infant daughter in danger. This is still one of my favorite current DCU titles, with one of the best creative teams around. I hope that you think so, too.


Catwoman # 56 - The revamped Film Freak could only reside in Gotham City. Where else could a master villain expound on German Expressionism while casually poisoning a hapless underling? With several equally effective scenes involving Selina, Holly, Slam Bradley and Wildcat, writer Will Pfeifer and artist David Lopez are hitting all the marks in a book the Keeper thought would collapse without Ed Brubaker.


Reviewer: Matt DeWoskin mattdew@earthlink.net
Quick Rating: Good
Title: The Replacements, Part Four

Selina is forced to spring into action as Catwoman as her family is threatened by Angle Man and Film Freak.

Writer: Will Pfeiffer
Artist: David Lopez
Inker: Alvaro Lopez
Letterer: Jared K. Fletcher
Colorist: Jeremy Cox
Editor: Matt Idelson
Cover Art: Adam Hughes
Publisher: DC Comics

REVIEW: The biggest issue for me on this story arc has been the choice of villains, but in this issue some of the choices Selina makes are questionable for her character at best. I'll never get excited about Angle Man and Film Freak. They're just not that interesting. There has been an attempt to elevate Film Freak from weirdo to villain in this issue and for the most part it worked, but I still find myself questioning his motivation. Angle Man just feels like he's along for the ride. As for Selina, some of the choices towards the end of this title just felt completely wrong, which was really surprising considering how well Pfeiffer has written her in his previous work on this title.

The story also got much more interesting this time around now that something is actually at stake. After an evening out in costume with Holly, she made some selfish decisions and it could wind up costing her in the end. A lot of what Selina did in this just felt out of character, especially the character that Pfeiffer has developed such a terrific feel for. Wildcat makes another cameo and he's put to good use. We don't get any closer to learning the identity of Baby Helena's father. All bets are off at this point, but I wouldn't be surprised if its revealed fairly quickly and fairly suddenly.

The artwork on this one is still a big highlight. Film Freak is fairly ominous in this issue, he has at least two moments in this issue where he's legitimately creepy and its do to the moody tone of the pencilwork in the sequences he's in. A lot of hard shadow and a lot of closeups go a long way in making someone scarier. A big highlight in this issue is the final sequence, it's frantically paced and the artwork gives the sequence a sense of speed that enhances the tension of the scene. This book really is a case of when strong artwork can help make a mediocre story work.


Catwoman # 56
By Koppy McFad
Jul 8, 2006, 02:11

Catwoman # 56
WRITER: Will Pfeifer
ARTISTS: David Lopez, Alvaro Lopez
COVER: Adam Hughes

Selina trains her replacement while old foes, including the demented Film Freak, seek to track her down. The story has some character pieces and gives us some intriguing villains but it also gets over-complicated and this slows down the action. It is as though the writer thought he was writing a weekly TV show and not a monthly comic book where the audiene can lose interest in betweeen issues. For example, there is suppose to be a big mystery over the identity of the father of Catwoman's child but this is hardly played up. The art is detailed and well-laid out but is also rather sterile. It gives us perhaps the least-sexy Catwoman in recent memory.


CATWOMAN #56. Written by Will Pfeifer; Art by David Lopez & Alvaro Lopez. "The Replacements, Part Four". Two Catwomans (Catwomen?) for the price of one! Both Holly and Selina are in costume, and the Film Freak has them both on tape. He also manages to pierce Selina's new i.d., which puts her infant daughter in danger. This is still one of my favorite current DCU titles, with one of the best creative teams around. I hope that you think so, too.



Motitos y motazas

El otro día, en Zaragoza, vi esta preciosidad, un ciclomotor (japo, creo) elegante que te cagas, Javi dice que hay versión grande... El veneno de las motos.

Javi en la plaza de España, con su motaza.

Unos días en el Piri

La casa de Álex y Diana en Villanua, nos han cuidado muy bien y nos han llevado de excursión, vamos, como si fuéramos escaus.

Cuando llegamos el martes Álex nos llevó a ver las estaciones de ski sin nieve, parecen enormes ciudades fantasma... qué ganas de nieve...

En Candanchú encontramos esta rana canija, como buen dominguero la gravé en vídeo y le hice mil fotos, puede que a los más montañeros les parezca normal, pero es que era muy pequeña, tío.

Después de las pistas fuimos a Canfranc Estación, un pueblo que se contruyó alrededor de una estación gigante, de lujo, para gestionar el traslado del oro de los nazis, un pueblo maldito, muy maldito... Pero como el sitio es tan impresionantemente bonito, casi no da ni mal rollo.

En la actualidad sólo circula un tren por estas vías, el canfranero, que llega hasta Valencia, creo.
No pudimos entrar a lo que es el edificio porque lo están rehabilitando para hacer un hotel de lujo.

En las vías muertas que rodean la estación hay viejos vagones de madera destrozados por el paso del tiempo, comidos por la vegetación... me hacían pensar en Pison Ivy (la de Batman).

Estuve haciendo fotos como loco, total, que la mejor parte, la de los subterráneos oscuros, húmedos y chungos, se quedó sin fotografiar.

Sólo una imagen, con el móvil, de una de las escaleras de entrada. Al salir, estaba MUY contento de irme, te lo juro, tía.

El miércoles Dianiqui nos llevó de paseo por el bosque, todo fresco y verde, yo no había visto un bosque así de bonito en mi vida... soy de secano.

El jueves, Dianiqui nos llevó a un río de montaña cerca de casa, de estos como de película, las chicas, que todo el mundo sabe que son más valientes, se metieron hasta el cuello, yo me fui de exploración intrépida entre las rocas.

El viernes Álex nos llevó a Jaca a coger el autobús y ver la ciudadela de Jaca, un castillo con foso.